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 Listing of Occupational Standards    

This is a list of Occupational Standards. The Occupational Standards are grouped into two categories; Occupational Standards (Approved) and Occupational Standards (Pending Approval).

Downloadable versions of these Occupational Standards can be found on the 'Downloads' page. Note well, only approved Occupational Standards will be available for download.

 Occupational Standards (Approved)    
List of Occupational Standards approved by G.C.T.V.E.T.

Agro Food Processing Level 1

Apiculture Level 2 

Fabric Design Level 1

Garment Production Level 1

Parenting Facilitation Level 3

Furniture Making Level 1

Furniture Making Level 2

Furniture Finishing Level 1

Photography Level 1

Small Appliances Repairs Level 1

Technical Assistance in TV and Video Production Level 1

Cricket Pitch and Field Maintenance Level 1

Youth Development Work Level 1&2

Building & Construction - Construction Site Supervision Level 3

Graphic Arts Level 1

Welding Level 1

Welding Level 2

Motor Vehicle Body Repairs (Cars & Light Trucks) Level 1

Metal Work Engineering Level 2

Early Childhood Development Level 1

Early Childhood Development Level 2

Property & Facilities Maintenance (Building Maintenance) Level 1

Small Engine Repairs Level 1

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Level 2

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Level 3

Customer Service Level 2

Hospitality Services (Villa and other properties) Level 2

Plumbing Level 2

Occupational Health & Safety Level 3

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems Level 1

Livestock Rearing Level 1

Crop Production Level 1

Call Centre Operations Level 1

Agro Processing Level 2
Crop Production Level 2
Customer Service Level 1
Dairy Farming Operations Level 1
Fashion Design Level 2
Fish Handling and Processing Level 1
Fish Handling and Processing Level 2
General Agriculture Level 2
General Cosmetology Level 2
Geriatric Care Giver Level 2
Horticultural Nursery Operations Level 1
Hospitality & Coastline Services for Tour Guiding & Cruises Level 2
Live Sound Engineering Level 2
Marine Mechanics Level 2
Poultry Rearing Level 1 
Rabbit Rearing Level 2
 Occupational Standards (Pending Approval)    
Hospitality & Tourism:
Community Tour Guiding Level 1
 Occupational Standards (Pending Vetting)    

Video Production Level 1

Dairy Operations Level 1
Audio & Visual Editing Operations Level 2
Recording Engineering Level 2
Jewelery Production Level 2
Call Centers Operations Level 2 - 5
Performing Arts (Pending Development)
Marine Sector (Pending Development)


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